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ERRO Subgraph failed with non-deterministic error: Failed to transact block operations: subgraph writer poisoned by previous error, retry_delay_s: 1800, attempt: 18, sgd: 6, subgraph_id: 2424234315423523, component: SubgraphInstanceManager
Jul 21 10:37:02.241 ERRO Subgraph writer failed, error: subgraph `QmThmxSsrdasdfasdfasdfasdfsadf` has already processed block `17740961`; there are most likely two (or more) nodes indexing this subgraph, sgd: 6, subgraph_id: QmThmxSagsafsasrd7TJ5asdfdsfdsayPtNq, component: SubgraphInstanceManager
ERRO Trying again after block polling failed: Ingestor error: database unavailable, provider: avalanche-rpc-2, component: EthereumPollingBlockIngestor
ERRO Trying again after block polling failed: Receipt for tx 0x97d8af84adf unavailable, block was likely uncled (block hash = 0xc9bae3dasdfasdf), provider: avalanche-rpc-2, component: EthereumPollingBlockIngestor

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