Error: reading inline policies for IAM role

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│ Error: reading inline policies for IAM role mycluster-eks-node-group-2023100555912474437000009, error: AccessDenied: User: 
arn:aws:sts::0123456789:assumed-role/my-eks-github-runner-downstream-clusters/gitHubSession is not authorized to perform: 
iam:GetRolePolicy on resource: role mycluster-eks-node-group-20231005094627443707000009 because no identity-based policy allows the iam:GetRolePolicy action
│ 	status code: 403, request id: 0416d35a-fddd-4597-a53d-a640599e68bb
│   with module.downstream-clusters-EKS.module.eks.module.eks_managed_node_group["default_node_group"].aws_iam_role.this[0],
│   on .terraform/modules/EKS.eks/modules/eks-managed-node-group/ line 417, in resource "aws_iam_role" "this":
│  417: resource "aws_iam_role" "this" {
Error: Process completed with exit code 1.


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