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elasticsearch-node [ repurpose | unsafe-bootstrap | detach-cluster | override-version ]
  [-E <KeyValuePair>]
  [-h, --help] ([-s, --silent] | [-v, --verbose])
elasticsearch-node --help
A CLI tool to do unsafe cluster and index manipulations on current node

repurpose - Repurpose this node to another master/data role, cleaning up any excess persisted data
unsafe-bootstrap - Forces the successful election of the current node after the permanent loss of the half or more master-eligible nodes
detach-cluster - Detaches this node from its cluster, allowing it to unsafely join a new cluster
override-version - Overwrite the version stored in this node's data path with [7.8.0] to bypass the version compatibility checks
remove-settings - Removes persistent settings from the cluster state
remove-customs - Removes custom metadata from the cluster state

Non-option arguments:

Option             Description        
------             -----------        
-E <KeyValuePair>  Configure a setting
-h, --help         Show help          
-s, --silent       Show minimal output
-v, --verbose      Show verbose output

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