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dpkg (1994) is a package management software used among others by Debian operating system. It can be used to install, remove, and provide information about .deb packages.

New package configurations will append a *.dpkg-old OR *.dpkg-dist.

Basic dpkg commands[edit]

  • Install a .deb package:
  • Remove an installed package:
    • dpkg -r package_name
  • Get Information about a package
  • Find package owner of a file:
    • dpkg -S `which file_to_search` (-S Search)
  • List content of a package, content can be extracted suing ar command:
    • dpkg -c /path/to/package_name.deb
  • Get a list of recently installed packages
  • Get a list of recently upgraded packages
    • zcat -f /var/log/dpkg.log* | grep "\ upgrade\ " | sort
  • Get a list of recently installed or upgraded packages
    • zcat -f /var/log/dpkg.log* | egrep "\ install\ |\ upgrade\ " | sort -nk1

Example Outputs of dpkg commands[edit]



  1. Read apt and snap page
  2. Install a package using dkpg
  3. Understand differences between apt and dpkg


  1. Read uscanhttps://manpages.debian.org/buster/devscripts/uscan.1.en.html and https://wiki.debian.org/debian/watch to understand how new packages are generated: https://manpages.debian.org/buster/devscripts/uscan.1.en.html
  2. Learn about dpkg -V and dpkg -C options

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