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- deployment: string   # Name of the deployment
  displayName: string  # friendly name to display in the UI
  pool:                # not required for virtual machine resources
    name: string       # Use only global level variables. Stage/job level variables are not supported to define pool name.
    demands: string | [ string ]
    clean: outputs | resources | all       # What to clean up before the job runs
  dependsOn: string                        # Job name to create a dependency
  condition: string
  continueOnError: boolean                 # 'true' if future jobs should run even if this job fails; defaults to 'false'
  container: containerReference            # Container to run this job inside
  services: { string: string | container } # container resources to run as a service container
  timeoutInMinutes: nonEmptyString         # how long to run the job before automatically cancelling
  cancelTimeoutInMinutes: nonEmptyString   # how much time to give 'run always even if cancelled tasks' before killing them
  variables:                               # several syntaxes, see specific section
  environment: string                  # target environment name 
    runOnce:                               # rolling, canary are the other strategies that are supported
        steps: [ script | bash | pwsh | powershell | checkout | task | templateReference ]


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