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Crane is a tool for managing container images
  crane [flags]
  crane [command]

Available Commands:
  append      Append contents of a tarball to a remote image
  auth        Log in or access credentials
  blob        Read a blob from the registry
  catalog     List the repos in a registry
  completion  Generate the autocompletion script for the specified shell
  config      Get the config of an image
  copy        Efficiently copy a remote image from src to dst while retaining the digest value
  delete      Delete an image reference from its registry
  digest      Get the digest of an image
  export      Export filesystem of a container image as a tarball
  flatten     Flatten an image's layers into a single layer
  help        Help about any command
  index       Modify an image index.
  ls          List the tags in a repo
  manifest    Get the manifest of an image
  mutate      Modify image labels and annotations. The container must be pushed to a registry, and the manifest is updated there.
  pull        Pull remote images by reference and store their contents locally
  push        Push local image contents to a remote registry
  rebase      Rebase an image onto a new base image
  tag         Efficiently tag a remote image
  validate    Validate that an image is well-formed
  version     Print the version

      --allow-nondistributable-artifacts   Allow pushing non-distributable (foreign) layers
  -h, --help                               help for crane
      --insecure                           Allow image references to be fetched without TLS
      --platform platform                  Specifies the platform in the form os/arch[/variant][:osversion] (e.g. linux/amd64). (default all)
  -v, --verbose                            Enable debug logs

Use "crane [command] --help" for more information about a command.

crane [ cp | ls | export | version | --help ]