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The Apple T2 chip is a SoC from Apple first released in the iMac Pro 2017. It is a 64-bit ARMv8 chip (a variant of the A10, or T8010), and runs a separate operating system called bridgeOS 2.0,[1] which is a watchOS derivative.[2] It provides a secure enclave for encrypted keys, gives users the ability to lock down the computer's boot process, handles system functions like the camera and audio control, and handles on-the-fly encryption and decryption for the solid-state drive.[3][4][5] T2 also delivers "enhanced imaging processing" for the iMac Pro's FaceTime HD camera.[6][7] On July 12, 2018, Apple released an updated MacBook Pro that includes the T2 chip, which among other things enables the "Hey Siri" feature.[8][9] On November 7, 2018, Apple released an updated Mac mini and MacBook Air with the T2 chip.[10][11]

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