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wikipedia:AWS Global Accelerator (Nov 2018) [1] is a networking service that improves the performance of your users’ traffic by up to 60% using Amazon Web Services’ global network infrastructure [2]

AWS Global Accelerator also allocates static anycast IP addresses that are globally unique for your application and do not change, thus removing the need to update clients as your application scales.


  • Instant regional failover
  • Easily move endpoints between Availability Zones or AWS Regions without needing to update your DNS configuration or change client-facing applications
  • Traffic management between regions, ALB works within a Region.
  • You can Bring Your Own IP address ranges (BYOIP) to AWS Global Accelerator, up to a maximum of two IP ranges to your account, which enables you to use your own IP addresses as a fixed entry point to your application endpoints.

Global Accelerator is a good fit for non-HTTP use cases, such as gaming (UDP), IoT (MQTT), or Voice over IP, as well as for HTTP use cases that specifically require static IP addresses or deterministic, fast regional failover. Both services integrate with AWS Shield for DDoS protection. [3]

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