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aws --version
aws-cli/2.9.23 Python/3.11.2 Darwin/22.3.0 source/arm64 prompt/off
aws --version
aws-cli/2.7.16 .../...
aws --version
aws-cli/2.5.2 Python/3.9.12 Darwin/21.1.0 source/arm64 prompt/off
aws --version
aws-cli/2.3.5 Python/3.9.7 Darwin/21.1.0 source/arm64 prompt/off
aws --version
aws-cli/2.2.27 Python/3.8.8 Linux/4.4.0-19041-Microsoft exe/x86_64.ubuntu.20 prompt/off
aws --version
aws-cli/1.25.31 .../...
aws --version
aws-cli/1.22.34 Python/3.10.4 Linux/5.15.0-39-generic botocore/1.27.17
aws --version
aws-cli/1.18.147 .../...
aws --version
aws-cli/1.18.35 Python/3.6.9 Linux/5.4.0-97-generic botocore/1.15.35


apt search awscli
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awscli/jammy,now 1.22.34-1 all [installed]
  Universal Command Line Environment for AWS
snap find aws-cli | grep "aws\*"
aws-cli  1.18.35  aws**      -      Universal Command Line Interface for Amazon Web Services



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