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alias x="exit"
alias mp="multipass"
alias soniq="sort | uniq"
alias trim="awk ' {\$1=\$1} 1 '"
source <(kubectl completion zsh)
source <(k9s completion zsh)
alias k="kubectl"
alias kg="kubectl get"
alias kgn="kubectl get nodes"
alias kgp="kubectl get pods"
alias kgd="kubectl get deploy"
alias kgs="kubectl get sts"
alias kgi="kubectl get ingress"
alias kgpvc="kubectl get pvc"
alias kdi="kubectl describe ingress"

export do="-o yaml --dry-run=client"
alias vikubeconfig="vi ~/.kube/config"
alias catkubeconfig="cat ~/.kube/config"
alias cathost="sudo cat /etc/hosts"
alias vihost="sudo cat /etc/hosts"
alias catetchost="sudo cat /etc/hosts"
alias vietchost="sudo cat /etc/hosts"
alias tf="terraform"
alias tg="terragrunt"

alias g="grep"
alias gi="grep -i"
alias gir="grep -i"
alias gv="grep -v"
alias agir="ag -ir"
alias la="ls -la"
alias NF="awk '{print \$NF}'"
alias viprofile="vi ~/.bash/profile"
alias vialiases="vi ~/.bash/.bash_aliases"
alias srcprofile="source ~/.bash_profile"
alias srcaliases="source ~/.bash_aliases"
alias sourceprofile="source ~/.bash_profile"
alias zsourceprofile="source ~/.zprofile"
alias vizprofile="vi ~/.zprofile"
alias p8="ping"
alias bip="while true; do tput bel; sleep 1; done"
alias mp="multipass"
alias mp_l="multipass list"
alias mp_la="multipass launch"
alias mp_launch="multipass launch"
alias mp_find="multipass find"
alias mp_f="multipass find"
alias mpc="multipass connect"

alias viconfig="vi ~/.ssh/config"
alias visshconfig="vi ~/.ssh/config"
alias viawsconfig="vi ~/.aws/config"
alias viawscredentials="vi ~/.aws/credentials"
alias catawsconfig="cat ~/.aws/config"
alias catawscredentials="cat ~/.aws/credentials"

alias awswhoiam="aws iam get-user"
alias viprofile="vi ~/.bash_profile"
alias vizprofile="vi ~/.zprofile"
#viprofile () { vi ~/.bash_profile }
alias codecode="sed s/'^'/'\<code\>'/ | sed s/'$'/'\<\/code\>'/"
prepend_space () {
         sed s/^/" "/
alias bi="brew install"



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