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Lists tables, views and sequences with their associated access privileges:

\dp *.*

                                                            Access privileges
Schema |                   Name                   |   Type   |              Access privileges              | Column privileges | Policies

TABLE (and table-like objects)	arwdDxt	none	\dp


rolename=xxxx -- privileges granted to a role
        =xxxx -- privileges granted to PUBLIC

            r -- SELECT ("read")
            w -- UPDATE ("write")
            a -- INSERT ("append")
            d -- DELETE
            D -- TRUNCATE
            x -- REFERENCES
            t -- TRIGGER
            X -- EXECUTE
            U -- USAGE
            C -- CREATE
            c -- CONNECT
            T -- TEMPORARY
      arwdDxt -- ALL PRIVILEGES (for tables, varies for other objects)
            * -- grant option for preceding privilege

        /yyyy -- role that granted this privilege


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