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Network File System (NFS) (1984) is a distributed file system protocol that allow to share files and folders using a TCP network.

  • Ports: Port 111 (TCP and UDP) and 2049 (TCP and UDP) for the NFS server.


Linux commands[edit]

Example output NFS share to everyone: HOST#exportfs /nfs <world>

Windows commands[edit]

  • Get-WindowsFeature -Name NFS*
  • Install-WindowsFeature -Name NFS-Client
  • mount n:
  • New-PSDrive -Name Z -PSProvider FileSystem -Root "\\\FOLDER_NAME"[1]
    • Remove-PSDrive Z
  • New-PSDrive -Name K -PSProvider FileSystem -Root "\\ServerName\ShareName" -Persist -Scope Global[2]
  • New-PSDrive -Name K -PSProvider FileSystem -Root "\\ServerName\ShareName" -Persist -Credential $cre -Scope Global

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Configuration file: /etc/exports[edit]

/etc/exports [3]


fsid=0 signals the NFS server that this export is the root.

Warning: /etc/exports is affected by adding additional space characters, be mindful about format


NFSv4 no longer utilizes the MOUNT protocol.

Linux Kernel[edit]

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Install server: apt-get install nfs-kernel-server
Install client (optional): apt-get install nfs-common

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