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minikube config set vm-driver kvm2
minikube config view 
(no output)
minikube config view --help
Display values currently set in the minikube config file.

      --format='- Template:.ConfigKey: Template:.ConfigValue
': Go template format string for the config view output.  The format for Go templates can be found here:
For the list of accessible variables for the template, see the struct values here:

  minikube config view [flags] [options]

Use "minikube options" for a list of global command-line options (applies to all commands).

minikube config view
Error: unknown command "config" for "minikube"
Run 'minikube --help' for usage.
F0324 14:32:38.181245   20683 root.go:71] unknown command "config" for "minikube"

minikube config set vm-driver kvm
Error: unknown command "config" for "minikube"
Run 'minikube --help' for usage.
F0324 14:41:37.524649   36642 root.go:71] unknown command "config" for "minikube"

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