Minikube addons enable ingress

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minikube addons enable ingress
 🌟  The 'ingress' addon is enabled

minikube addons enable ingress
💡  Due to networking limitations of driver docker on darwin, ingress addon is not supported.
Alternatively to use this addon you can use a vm-based driver:

	'minikube start --vm=true'

To track the update on this work in progress feature please check:

minikube addons enable ingress
🔎  Verifying ingress addon...
💣  enable failed: run callbacks: running callbacks: [sudo KUBECONFIG=/var/lib/minikube/kubeconfig /var/lib/minikube/binaries/v1.18.0/kubectl apply -f /etc/kubernetes/addons/ingress-configmap.yaml -f /etc/kubernetes/addons/ingress-rbac.yaml -f /etc/kubernetes/addons/ingress-dp.yaml: Process exited with status 1

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