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  • juju deploy charmed-kubernetes --overlay your-overlay.yaml
Located bundle "cs:bundle/charmed-kubernetes-485"
Resolving charm: cs:~containers/containerd-88
Resolving charm: cs:~containers/easyrsa-325
Resolving charm: cs:~containers/etcd-531
Resolving charm: cs:~containers/flannel-501
Resolving charm: cs:~containers/kubeapi-load-balancer-742
Resolving charm: cs:~containers/kubernetes-master-865
Resolving charm: cs:~containers/kubernetes-worker-692
Executing changes:
- upload charm cs:~containers/containerd-88 for series bionic
- deploy application containerd on bionic using cs:~containers/containerd-88
- set annotations for containerd
- upload charm cs:~containers/easyrsa-325 for series bionic
- deploy application easyrsa on bionic using cs:~containers/easyrsa-325
  added resource easyrsa
- set annotations for easyrsa
- upload charm cs:~containers/etcd-531 for series bionic
- deploy application etcd on bionic using cs:~containers/etcd-531
  added resource core
  added resource etcd
  added resource snapshot
- set annotations for etcd
- upload charm cs:~containers/flannel-501 for series bionic
- deploy application flannel on bionic using cs:~containers/flannel-501
  added resource flannel-amd64
  added resource flannel-arm64
  added resource flannel-s390x
- set annotations for flannel
- upload charm cs:~containers/kubeapi-load-balancer-742 for series bionic
- deploy application kubeapi-load-balancer on bionic using cs:~containers/kubeapi-load-balancer-742
- expose kubeapi-load-balancer
- set annotations for kubeapi-load-balancer
- upload charm cs:~containers/kubernetes-master-865 for series bionic
- deploy application kubernetes-master on bionic using cs:~containers/kubernetes-master-865
  added resource cdk-addons
  added resource core
  added resource kube-apiserver
  added resource kube-controller-manager
  added resource kube-proxy
  added resource kube-scheduler
  added resource kubectl
- set annotations for kubernetes-master
- upload charm cs:~containers/kubernetes-worker-692 for series bionic
- deploy application kubernetes-worker on bionic using cs:~containers/kubernetes-worker-692
  added resource cni-amd64
  added resource cni-arm64
  added resource cni-s390x
  added resource core
  added resource kube-proxy
  added resource kubectl
  added resource kubelet
- expose kubernetes-worker
- set annotations for kubernetes-worker
- add relation kubernetes-master:kube-api-endpoint - kubeapi-load-balancer:apiserver
- add relation kubernetes-master:loadbalancer - kubeapi-load-balancer:loadbalancer
- add relation kubernetes-master:kube-control - kubernetes-worker:kube-control
- add relation kubernetes-master:certificates - easyrsa:client
- add relation etcd:certificates - easyrsa:client
- add relation kubernetes-master:etcd - etcd:db
- add relation kubernetes-worker:certificates - easyrsa:client
- add relation kubernetes-worker:kube-api-endpoint - kubeapi-load-balancer:website
- add relation kubeapi-load-balancer:certificates - easyrsa:client
- add relation flannel:etcd - etcd:db
- add relation flannel:cni - kubernetes-master:cni
- add relation flannel:cni - kubernetes-worker:cni
- add relation containerd:containerd - kubernetes-worker:container-runtime
- add relation containerd:containerd - kubernetes-master:container-runtime
- add unit easyrsa/0 to new machine 0
- add unit etcd/0 to new machine 1
- add unit etcd/1 to new machine 2
- add unit etcd/2 to new machine 3
- add unit kubeapi-load-balancer/0 to new machine 4
- add unit kubernetes-master/0 to new machine 5
- add unit kubernetes-master/1 to new machine 6
- add unit kubernetes-worker/0 to new machine 7
- add unit kubernetes-worker/1 to new machine 8
- add unit kubernetes-worker/2 to new machine 9
Deploy of bundle completed.

With errors[edit]

juju deploy charmed-kubernetes
ERROR No controllers registered.

Please either create a new controller using "juju bootstrap" or connect to
another controller that you have been given access to using "juju register".

juju deploy charmed-kubernetes --overlay your-overlay.yaml

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