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docker ps list containers


docker ps
CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                          COMMAND             CREATED             STATUS                             PORTS                                                                                    NAMES
b505ff9b5560        gitlab/gitlab-ee:11.3.1-ee.0   "/assets/wrapper"   6 days ago          Up 25 seconds (health: 
starting)>80/tcp,>443/tcp,>5001/tcp,>22/tcp   gitlab-web

docker ps
Cannot connect to the Docker daemon at unix:///var/run/docker.sock. Is the docker daemon running?
docker ps
Got permission denied while trying to connect to the Docker daemon socket at unix:///var/run/docker.sock: Get http://%2Fvar%2Frun%2Fdocker.sock/v1.40/containers/json: dial 
unix /var/run/docker.sock: connect: permission denied
Solution: sudo docker ps
docker ps
bash: /usr/local/bin/docker: No such file or directory
docker ps
bash: docker: command not found

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