Certified Kubernetes Administrator v1.18

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Scheduling (5%)[edit]

Logging/Monitoring (5%)[edit]

Application Lifecycle Management (8%)[edit]

  • Understand deployments and how to perform updates and rollbacks
  • Know various ways to configure applications
  • Know how to scale applications
  • Understand the primitives necessary to create a self-healing application

Cluster Maintenance (11%)[edit]

  • Understand Kubernetes cluster upgrade process
  • Facilitate operatig system upgrades
  • Implement backup and restore methodologies

Security (12%)[edit]

  • Know how to configure authetication and authorization
  • Understand Kubernetes security primitivies
  • Know to configure network policies
  • Create and manage TLS certificates for cluster components
  • Work with images securely
  • Define security contexts
  • Security persistent key value store

Storage (7%)[edit]

Troubleshooting (10%)[edit]

  • Troubleshoot application failure
  • Troubleshoot control plane failure
  • Troubleshoot worker node failure
  • Troubleshoot networking

Core concepts (19%)[edit]

Networking (11%)[edit]

  • Understand the networking configuration on the cluster nodes
  • Understand Pod networking concepts
  • Understand service networking
  • Deploy and configure network load balancer
  • Know how to use Ingress rules
  • Know how to configure and use the cluster DNS
  • Understand CNI

Installation, Configuration & Validation (12%)[edit]

  • Design a Kubernetes cluster
  • Install Kubernetes master and nodes
  • Configure secure cluster communications
  • Configure a Highly-Available Kubernetes Cluster
  • Know where to get Kubernetes release binaries
  • Provision underlying infrastructure to deploy a Kubernetes cluster
  • Choose a network solution
  • Choose your Kubernetes infrastructure configuration
  • Run end-to-end test on you cluster
  • Analyze end-to-end test results
  • Run Node end-to-end test
  • Install and use kubeadm to install, configure and manage Kubernetes clustes.

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