Terraform resource: aws cloudfront origin access control

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  • origin_access_control_origin_type - (required) The type of origin that this Origin Access Control is for. Valid values are s3, and mediastore
  • signing_behavior - (required) Specifies which requests CloudFront signs. Specify always for the most common use case. Allowed values: always, never, and no-override.
  • signing_protocol (required) Determines how CloudFront signs (authenticates) requests. The only valid value is sigv4.

Official example[edit]

resource "aws_cloudfront_origin_access_control" "example" {
  name                              = "example"
  description                       = "Example Policy"
  origin_access_control_origin_type = "s3"
  signing_behavior                  = "always"
  signing_protocol                  = "sigv4"


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