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== Related commands ==
== Related commands ==
* <code>[[multipass find]]</code>
* <code>[[multipass find]]</code>
* <code>[[multipass list]]</code>
* <code>[[virt-install]]</code>
* <code>[[virt-install]]</code>

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The multipass launch command without any argument will create and start a new instance based on the default image, using a random generated name:


multipass launch --name ubuntu-vm
launch failed: failed to download from 'http://cloud- images.ubuntu.com/releases/server/releases/bionic/release-20200129.1/ubuntu-18.04-server-cloudimg-amd64.img': Network timeout

multipass launch --cpus 2 --mem 8G --disk 25G --name MY_NEW_VM
multipass launch --cpus 2 --mem 8G --name MY_NEW_VM
multipass launch --cpus 2 --name MY_NEW_VM

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