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wikipedia:InfluxDB (2013, go) open source TSDB. InfluxDB has no external dependencies[7] and provides an SQL-like language, listening on port 8086.

Linux installation:

  • apt install influxdb
  • apt install influxdb-client, provide influx client binary

MacOS installation:




Line protocol[edit]

InfluxDB accepts data via HTTP, TCP, and UDP. It defines a line protocol backwards compatible with Graphite and takes the form:

measurement(,tag_key=tag_val)* field_key=field_val(,field_key_n=field_value_n)* (nanoseconds-timestamp)?

Retention policy[edit]

When you create a database, InfluxDB creates a retention policy called autogen with an infinite duration, a replication factor set to one, and a shard group duration set to seven days.

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