gsutil config -e

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gsutil config -e
-e          Prompt for service account credentials. This option requires that ``-a`` is not set.

gsutil config -e
This command will create a boto config file at $HOME/.boto
containing your credentials, based on your responses to the following questions.
What is the full path to your private key file? /path/to/your/gcloud-auth.json

Your private key file is readable by people other than yourself.
This is a security risk, since anyone with this information can use your service account.

Would you like gsutil to change the file permissions for you? (y/N) N

You have chosen to allow this file to be readable by others.
If you would like to fix this yourself, consider running:
"sudo chmod 400 </path/to/key>" for improved security.

Please navigate your browser to,
then find the project you will use, and copy the Project ID string from the
second column. Older projects do not have Project ID strings. For such projects,
 click the project and then copy the Project Number listed under that project.

What is your project-id? your-project-id

gsutil developers rely on user feedback to make improvements to the
tool. Would you like to send anonymous usage statistics to help
improve gsutil? [y/N] 

Boto config file "/Users/YOUR_USER/.boto" created. If you need to use a proxy
to access the Internet please see the instructions in that file.


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