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== Installation ==
== Installation ==
* macOS: <code>[[brew install go]]</code>
* macOS: <code>[[brew install go]]</code>
* [[Ubuntu]]: <code>[[apt install golang-go]]</code>
* [[Ubuntu]]: <code>[[apt install golang-go]]</code> (aprox 500MB)
== Commands ==
== Commands ==

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wikipedia:Go (programming language) (Nov 2009)



  • go help
  • go build, which builds Go binaries using only information in the source files themselves, no separate makefiles
  • go install
  • go test, for unit testing and microbenchmarks
  • go fmt, for formatting code
  • go get, for retrieving and installing remote packages
  • go vet, a static analyzer looking for potential errors in code
  • go run, a shortcut for building and executing code
  • godoc, for displaying documentation or serving it via HTTP
  • gorename, for renaming variables, functions, and so on in a type-safe way
  • go generate, a standard way to invoke code generators
  • go mod init
  • go list




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