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git push origin
git push origin HEAD:/your-branch
git push origin HEAD:name-of-remote-branch-without-origin/
git push origin HEAD
git push origin HEAD:origin/your-branch
error: The destination you provided is not a full refname (i.e.,
starting with "refs/"). We tried to guess what you meant by:

- Looking for a ref that matches 'origin/revert-timescale-var-names' on the remote side.
- Checking if the <src> being pushed ('HEAD')
  is a ref in "refs/{heads,tags}/". If so we add a corresponding
  refs/{heads,tags}/ prefix on the remote side.

Neither worked, so we gave up. You must fully qualify the ref.
hint: The <src> part of the refspec is a commit object.
hint: Did you mean to create a new branch by pushing to
hint: 'HEAD:refs/heads/origin/your-branch'?
error: failed to push some refs to ''
Solution: remove second origin in the command, correct: git push origin HEAD:/your-branch


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